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The Gym

The Gym is fitted with Technogym, a state of the art system which tracks your performance and uses social networking to entertain, educate and even motivate you. We also offer a personal touch, with fitness assessments and personal training.

Our fitness instructors can provide a range of personal training services.

  • Highly trained fitness professionals
  • Personal Training
  • Physical assessments
  • Group fitness classes
  • Yoga

The Artis range is the world’s first fully integrated range of cardio, strength and functional products. It’s seamless design re-defines the workout space to offer a fully connected workout experience in conjunction with MyWellness, to ensure a natural feeling of movement and offer safe and effective training.

The gym is available for guests and residents 24 hours a day. 

Instructors | 7am - 9pm.

You’ve probably heard people talking about their favourite diet or fitness program, but when you try it, it does not seem to ‘work wonders’ like it has for them. 

This is because any single training system hasn’t addressed the fundamental issue; that everyone has:
a) Different goals
b) Varying fitness levels
c) Different imbalances and injury histories 
d) Genetically different responses to diet and exercise 

It’s our belief that the ONLY way to train for health and performance in the long run is to address the individual. Whether you work out for 2 hours a week or 2 hours a day training optimally you will go further, get there faster and with less injuries. 

We offer one-to-one Personal Training sessions with our REPS qualified fitness professionals. An hour long session will take you through a warmup, a workout and a personalised assisted stretching routine based on your needs, preferences and ability. 

Personal training workouts are available in single sessions or blocks that can be used within 31 days.

Single session | 300*

Block of 8 sessions | 2,200*
Block of 12 sessions | 3,000*
Block of 16 sessions | 3,600*
Block of 20 sessions | 4,000

We also offer small group Personal Training. Ask The Gym reception to block your spot for group personal training.

Couples session | 450*
3 person session | 540*
4 person session | 600*

Single Personal training session | 600*
Group Yoga | Complimentary for in-house guests and 100* for external guests.

Relax your mind and body, heal old injuries and move better by taking a class some of Dubai’s top yoga instructors. Groups are limited to 15 people. 

Price | 400*

Our state of the art full body assessment methodically identifies and tracks your:
  • Body composition using the InBody machine
  • Posture 
  • Flexibility imbalances 
  • Strength imbalances 
  • Work capacity and energy systems (your ‘Fitness’)  
Use this as a tough session on its own to see what you are made of, or as a great way to start a fitness program and track your results. Find your weak areas and target them directly. You also receive a full written report that is yours to keep, you can even take it to The Spa for a targeted deep tissue massage. 

INBODY Body composition analysis
Price | 150*

If you don’t want the full assessment why not see where your body fat, muscle quality and hydration levels are. 

Circuits and HIIT | Complimentary 

Get stronger, faster and fitter all at the same time with our 60 minutes circuit session. A qualified instructor will take you through an intense 1 hour class and motivate you to work through a full body complex that hits every muscle group while at the same time giving you an intense cardio workout. Light free weights, ARKE functional equipment and body weight movements and used in tandem to give you a great all round workout.

*Emirati Dirhams