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The Philosophy

The Spa is an oasis in more ways than one. It's where you can break from the buzz of Dubai. It's where you can get treated and be pampered, without stress or interruption. Above all, it's where you can be your best self. 
Offering services ranging from moisturizing aloe skin treatments to Jasper crystal massages, The Spa honors the region's strong culture of wellness. And its interior design nods to eras gone by. The high ceilings and arches are reflective of the Ottoman era, while the fusion of marble and light recalls a Turkish hammam. Within each treatment room, discover pure sanctuary. Each has its own distinct identity, like a private villa. 
At its heart, The Spa vibe is original. Its allure, magnetic. It simultaneously evokes the rolling Arabian sand dunes and golden beaches of Santa Monica, a reflection of Viceroy Hotel Group's LA roots. Savor it -- this is escapism with consciousness. Submit to it -- let your mind wander. Above all, come home to it -- because at The Spa, you can be who you really are.

Sand Story

The Spa story evolved from the beaches and palm trees of Santa
Monica, where Viceroy was first founded, to the desert and beaches
of the Arabian Peninsula.

For millennia, hot desert sand has been used to achieve holistic
wellbeing. Drift away as the healing vibrational energy from the
quartz crystals within sand creates a sensation of comfort and
encourages mental relaxation.

Terres d'Afrique

Terres d’Afrique’s a range of sustainably developed organic skincare
and lifestyle products harness the potency of Africa’s legendary
botanical heritage in a collection of laboratory-crafted formulations.
We strive to create unique luxury wellness experiences inspired by
cultures and environments that have not yet been explored and that
capture the imagination of discerning travellers.

 Our treatments tell stories and create multiple layers of sensations.
From the beaches in LA to the deserts of the Middle East, we created
treatments inspired by the sea, sand and sun. These treatments
focus on re-mineralisation, rejuvenation, immune-sysytem boosting
and deep relaxation. 

Advanced Story

Our advanced story is all about offering our guests the effectiveness of aesthetic techniques, alongside the wellbeing of an urban spa experience. We combine the most avant-garde trends with technological innovation and the traditional therapies of different cultures.

Experience luxurious treatments inspired by the glamour of Hollywood, using globally recognised products, that will relax, refresh and restore your youthful radiance.

Welcome to Natura Bissé
The expert in luxury, technologically advanced cosmetic skin care treatments, Natura Bissé combines the most avant-garde trends with technological innovation and the traditional therapies of different cultures to awaken your senses through exquisite luscious head to toe experiences used by the best-known Hollywood stars.